E-commerce platform meets the needs of business

E-commerce platform is a B2B solution that enables to meet the changing demands of modern business. More and more people realized wholesale shopping for their firms via the online stores. AllBag owner (production and distribution of eco-bags) knew this perfectly well. He decided to embark on the path of e-commerce and increasing sales of his products.

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Aim? Increasing the usefulness of e commerce B2B

The company has a very wide range of offered products, which are adapted to the most sophisticated customer expectations. The aim of our project was to increase the usefulness of the online store, adapting it to the needs of customers and provide full functionality in terms of the purchasing process.

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Analysis of the functionality of an online store

Work on e-commerce for AllBag began with an analysis of the data and moves on the page with the help of Google Analytics - this is an absolutely essential step in the process of customizing online store, taking into account the principles of user-centered design. The next step was the involvement of powerful analytical tools through which we created heat maps of the page.


We registered the visit of users (session recording) on the basis of 50 000 people visiting the store. The last part of the research was the usability audit, carried out by the heuristic analysis, verifying compliance of the e-store with the canons of usability design.

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In-depth UX audit

The audit revealed serious flaws: e.g adding to cart the unavilable product, eliminated ability to continue shopping. Based on the analysis of quantitative data from Google Analytics and data about user behavior obtained through Usability Tools, we created a detailed mockup of the new version of the store, maintaining the hitherto graphic concept.Business customers require accurate data about the products. For this reason, the product card in the AllBag ecommerce contains: detailed information about a particular bag and its properties, customer reviews and the "print" button, which allows custom bags with the selected text or graphics via a functional, minimalist form.

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Product card in e-shop

In the B2B procurement process, first violin plays the credibility of the company and complete information we can gather about service provider at the first contact with the website. For these reasons, in the AllBag e-shop are extended subpages - "About Us" and "Contact." In the first one we can find information, eg. about the company's history, awards and certificates, credentials, policies and corporate social responsibility as well as business profile. All these elements build AllBags image as a reliable business partner. In the "Contact" we find accurate contact details of persons responsible for the different stages purchase process. Thus, the user using the service can contact directly with the employee, supports a specific tasks. In addition, in that place, user can find the contact form referring to Customer Service and map integrated with Google Maps, indicating directions to the store and AllPrints headquarter. See online

Our work in three words

Effective e-commerce B2B