For the love of the water. For the love of an effective e-commerce.

Big Berkey distributes filters for the love of clean water. We conducted our UX audit of their online store based on Magento platform, for the love of useful and effective e-commerce. Working for clients who take their business seriously and stand guarantee for the proposed products, is a common pleasure experienced onlye by professionals. Despite a certain position of one of the three best suppliers of New Millenium Concept filters in the United States, Big Berkey will not stop to grow. That's why we commissioned to perform an audit of their e-commerce.

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Methods and tools.

The basis of accession to work were remote workshop with the client, so that we could know the specifics of the product, the business environment, objectives and expectations connected with the refreshed e-store. All this information allowed us to create a key customers persona, as well as in-depth analysis of the competitive companies, including strengths and weaknesses of the Big Berkey. Usability audit was carried out using heuristic and expert analysis. After preparing the hypotheses of possible solutions for improving conversion of the online store, we used the analytical tools by which we checked e-commerce Big Berkey in the natural environment of its clients.

Hot Jar, UsabilityTools, Cint

With the Hot Jar and UsabilityTools software, we learned how customers use the e-store. We engaged for this purpose visitor recording and heat maps which showed, among others, problems associated with the checkout after adding the product to the shopping cart, as well as the selection of a suitable filter for the user. The next step in the analysis was a qualitative study (survey) conducted on current customers of Big Berkey and users who had contact with the online store for the first time. In this puropse we used the available database of the e-shops contacts and access to the Cint database, which allows on involvement in the review of the e-commerce select group of independent customers. Studies have confirmed our earlier hypothesis. E-commerce required change of several elements, which made the Big Barkeys offer unclear and hampered the finalization of the transaction.

Improvement of design elements and functionality of e-commerce.

We offered cosmetic changes in the design of e-shop which, however, significantly affect its transparency. The modernization and refresh of the home page included the arrangement of its individual parts and standardization of fonts. At this stage, we changed the icons, header, placement of films, information materials, opinions and recommendations. Thanks to this, Big Berkey store divested itself chaos on the home page, without losing any relevant information. Home page is a kind of a business card, which appropriate design is able to interest a potential customer and encourage him to transactions or cause automatic doubts about the reliability of seller. An important element of the Big Berkey's home is also a link to the intuitive filter creator, through which you can quickly find products that meet your needs.

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Facilitating navigation in e-commerce

We also ordered visually the product card. We equipped it with information on the details of delivery, return, warranty and tooltips informing about the properties of individual elements that can be added to orders already from the product card. Below product specifications are necessary product information and videos related to the selection of appropriate filtering solution for the family. By optimizing the size and standardize the font used on the page, the knowledge that the customer should have before purchasing is achievable in an accessible and intuitive way. At the bottom of the product card was placed block of the filters with a similar specification - so the customer does not have to go search path again.

big berkey ecommerce redesign ux audit

More efficient checkout.

The previous checkout on the Big Berkey page required the application of all the data in one step. In reaching this stage of the path of purchasing, the customer could be discouraged and disoriented. Let us remember that simple and intuitive checkout often affects on the fact of making transactions or leaving the shopping cart. We have made a thorough redesign of the checkout, dividing it into 6 short steps. As part of our work was also carried out an m-commerce audit involving responsiveness of the online store and its usefulness in mobile devices.

Our work in three words

Immaculate e-shop design