Implementation of e-shop for Scandinavian customers.

Sophia Loren once said that "if woman is happy, she is also beautiful". Implementing an online store for ColorsVibe we had before our eyes this quote and a clear goal - we wanted to make the customer's of e-commerce happy because of successful purchases of makeup cosmetics, thanks to which they can highlight their natural beauty. ColorsVibes e-shop has been prepared to serve the Swedish market, English speaking clients and Polish women who are looking for makeup products from recognized brands. In the shop you will find exclusive Milani cosmetics, natural Proclé products, youth Lollipops and unusual products from Models Own. Online store has been embedded in a clear, feminine design, which completely corresponds to the brand image. We equipped it in a number of functionality and integration to improve the operation of e-commerce and simplifying purchasing by users. The whole was implemented in the RWD on the PrestaShop platform.

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Demanding e-commerce solutions for demanding customers.

The main challenge for our agency was to prepare a store that will not only suit the characteristics of the brand and customer profiles from Sweden, Poland and English-speaking markets, but also users of different specifications of buying. Products offered by ColorsVibe are dedicated to demanding women seeking exclusive and natural cosmetics, as well as the young users appreciating remarkable colors, solutions and packaging design. The first task was to adjust the appropriate information architecture and graphic design.

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Shop with positive vibes.

Preliminary analysis included studies of competition and prepare key customer persona. On that basis we have created the basic assumptions that were used for the creation of the look and structure of the future e-shop. As a result, the UX design included the creation of alternative versions of the home page and mock-ups of key screens, including product card, shopping cart and a user account. The next stage was a graphic design according to the guidelines elaborated during the workshop with the client and the analyzes of user profiles.

Beautiful usability.

Online store is equipped with a large amount of functionality that have an impact not only on the brand image, but also simplify the purchasing process. On the main page are shown - in a special way - news and bestsellers. As a result, at the first contact with the site, users are informed about the popular novelties from the world of make-up. In addition to the sales elements, it is worth paying attention to the icons of the benefits of deciding on shopping ColorsVibe e-commerce. E-shop is also equipped with a mini-blog, where you can read the recommendations and advice related to the cosmetics offered by the company. Below each miniature of the post is displayed a product which is mentioned in the material, what facilitates the purchase and associated information function and the "social proof" with the sales function. The last element of the home page is the integration with Instagram. As a result, on the home page appears the latest photos related with Colorsvibe.

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Shopping cart and checkout.

During the design of an online store we used innovative solutions related to the purchasing basket and checkout. When you click to purchase the product, automatically displays a pop-up with the contents of your cart, information of order, delivery costs, the missing amount to the free shipping and clear CTA "Order". As a result, we shorten the way to complete the transaction and we announce in one place about all elements, which may interest the customer at this stage. We also improved checkout, which is divided into 3 simple steps lead straight to a successful purchase.

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Implementation and integration.

Online shop in the Polish version has been integrated with invoicing system and the Swedish version of e-commerce is equipped with an API integration with management system Ongoing Warehouse. The whole was implemented in the RWD version on PrestaShop platform. See online

Our work in three words

Beauty and functionality