Polish project supporting business

We've always been fans of projects that support the organization and functioning of companies. At the moment, when Egito contacted us, we knew that the common goal, which is to support the Polish business, will result in a successful implementation. In this project we were entrusted with redesign the architecture of information based on the analysis and the creation of a new graphic design, which will highlight the special character of the brand and give the whole an elegant look.

logo of software developer egito
very successful redesign of the website egito

About Egito

Egito is one of the first companies whose CRM Online has become an essential tool in the work of thousands of people from different industries. The system allows for more effective management of contractors and activities centered around companies. This unique CRM supports collaboration on a common database, providing orderliness and transparency in company documentation.

user experience analysis for website

The workshops with the client and access to the design of the site

The beginning of work on the project were requirements gathering workshops carried out with the customer. We identified Egito advantages in the market, analyzed the competition and developed a picture of a potential customer. We have prepared a suitable hypothesis to user-experience audit, which was a prelude to the development of appropriate information structure and design of the new service.

Heat&Click maps

To be absolutely sure about the effectiveness of the website, we engaged user experience tools for creating a heat and click maps on previous Egito webpage. Thanks to this operation, we have seen the involvement of users in the website and identify the elements which encourage visitors to enter the interaction. It was another step in structuring the service and information. Any proposed change was described in a document shared with the client.

research user experience for egito
crm business online egito logo design

Graphic design

Having a comprehensive understanding of the company, customer and user behavior, we designed a new website map, giving it more intuitive and modern character. Graphics, which in this project was as important as auditing, took a much purer form, giving the whole an elegant and functional appearance. New menu improved level of friendliness of a website for different users. We have also created a new logo emphasizing the contemporary nature of the company.

egito effective website

Effects of implementation

UX audit and graphic design resulted in implementation of a new, useful Egito website. Fresh design brings to mind the energy of management in the company. The appropriate structure of information helps users navigate on the website, which is reflected in the final conversion rates of the website. As Egito helps business management, so we are helping in the implementation of effective online stores and websites. This project is the best proof! See online

Our work in three words

Effectively and efficiently