The new face of the advertising market in eCommerce

GoodGifts is one of the leaders on the Polish market of advertising products. The company has achieved this status thanks to the high quality of provided services, wide range of offered products and - above all - an instant response to customer needs. Caring for the comfort and satisfaction of customers and - at the same time - wanting to relieve the sales department, GoodGifts has commissioned us to implement not only an attractive, but also a useful B2B eCommerce platform based on PrestaShop. Because it is often the first place where the customer meets the brand, it had to stand out from the competition and make the customer not only make the order but also be happy to return to the store.

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B2B eCommerce platform - a revolution in customer service

From the beginning of its operation, GoodGifts wanted to stand out not only by its quality, but above all by the quickness of reaction to complex inquiries and the speed of order fulfillment. The development of business caused that traditional ways of customer service were no longer sufficient. For this reason, the company decided to improve this process and relieve the sales department, as well as facilitate the ordering. The implementation of these tasks was to be met by an extensive, professional B2B eCommerce platform which we had the pleasure to implement. In the gadgets industry, customer loyalty is key. That is why we had to take care of an inviting design and equip the platform with many functionalities related to on-site marketing, rebate systems and tools to facilitate completing the inquiry.

Recognizing the actual needs and expectations of the online store customer

Due to the fact that the GoodGifts B2B eCommerce platform was to be not only a standard online store, but also an everyday tool for the company's salespeople, we conducted an in-depth workshop on gathering requirements and expectations. They were held not only in the presence of the board of directors, but also the sales department, because the platform was to serve primarily them, and in addition, no one knows GoodGifts clients as well as customer service representatives and company salespeople. After gathering precise information about the recipients of GoodGifts products, as well as about the needs and expectations of the eCommerce platform, we went on to analyze the data on customer behavior and their preferences. On this basis, we went to create maps and mock-ups of the B2B eCommerce platform.

Usability in B2B online sales

Homepage of Good Gifts is equipped with some interesting solutions which positively affect the sale of promotional products. Noteworthy is the menu of product categories as well as detailed news and bestsellers. Definitely more spectacular and functional elements were implemented directly on the category page and product card. Due to the specificity of the product and the necessity to allow its adjustment to the needs at the offer stage, each product view on the listing contains the most important features of the article - the minimum price, color and the 3 most important attributes. In addition, each category page contains clear instructions for preparing the offer, as well as filters enabling easy finding of wanted, unusual articles.

Waynet PrestaShop implementation for GoodGifts
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Product card and check-out in the GoodGifts eCommerce platform

The product card in the GoodGifts online store is equipped with a wizard, thanks to which in 4 steps the customer can customize the article to his needs and add it to the offer inquiry. The wizard includes the choice of color, the quantity of ordered items in a given size (in this step the price thresholds and stocks are indicated), the way of marking (number of colors of the logo, type of printing / embroidery), the place of printing (with the pattern of the product) with the ability to upload your graphics to the wizard. Below is a precise description with specification, marking options and delivery details.

In the cart the customer will find a summary of his order with the achieved rebate threshold, a preview of the comment added to each product and delivery options with the details of their cost. The final step is the ability to automatically send the order to GoodGifts or send an offer to your e-mail, so you can show it to other decision-making entities in the company before placing an order.

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Innovative solutions for PrestaShop

One of the main challenges was to recreate the complicated calculator mechanism on the product card that interacts with the integration with several external suppliers of products. To ensure proper speed and quality of performance, we decided to use Vue.js to generate a front-end layer. In this way, our development team managed to successfully integrate PrestaShop with this modern JS library, which allows us to create any dedicated solution which can support PrestaShop eCommerce platform.

The GoodGifts B2B eCommerce platform on the PrestaShop platform can be seen in all its glory HERE

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