Buy and sell products with your own designs on the InGift platform.

InGift is an innovative eCommerce platform on which you can sell or buy presents and gadgets with personalised prints. It is based on solution which can be used also in printing industry and in many others B2B business. We are convinced that it is currently the most developed production this type on PrestaShop platform.

Using InGift you can create your own e-shop and sell products with your prints. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional graphic designer, social media fanpage owner, broke collage student or you’re a mother raising two kids . You just have to sign in, upload an image or a text, choose the products, make decision about the rate of margin and that’s it! Your product is ready to sell!

The rest is on InGift service. They will take care of printing, delivering and checking payments. During that time, you can enjoy the game, that helps you increase profits. Don’t hesitate and take look at all the InGift’s function. It is based on PrestaShop platform that gives endless possibilities of using it.

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UX research

The phase of research and web-to-print platform design was very time consuming and complex project. Firstly there was a detailed analysis of the competition on the market, then the users’ tests held in our office - from 5 seconds test, through functional tests to creation of maps, layouts and the graphic design. Clearly, User Experience played the main role during the process of preparation. However, in our opinion, there are other more interesting elements of the this project...

Prints creator online

Our marketplace eCommerce platform is equipped with the advanced printing creator. It allows every customer to create their unique project on the InGift’s products. The creator also allows salesmen to prepare their bags, t-shirts and other gadgets, which can be later sell in their shop. The process of using the wizard is childishly easy. You just have to upload your image, choose the product, its size and colour. Then put the image on the preview of the product and that’s it! The perfect present is ready.

Benefits of web2print eCommerce

Our printing creator can also be used in the printing industry and among the B2B producers.

The implementation of that solution:
-makes it easier to make an order- the customer can have what he wants
-makes it possible to meet the customer’s expectation
-makes the process of estimating costs automatic
- shortens the time between order and item’s production- the role of order’s department will be just to control that process

In eCommerce just one element can totally change the way it works- increase the profits and makes the customer service more comfortable

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Advanced functionalities of InGift marketplace platform

Apart from that creator, InGift also has many different, new solutions, that make it possible to run a marketplace platform. InGift is not the ordinary e-shop, because it allows you to sell items too. Due to that we had to create an unique way of thinking about the character and needs of that project.

We implemented e.g.:
-2 levels of users’ powers, depending on the character of their actions-selling or buying
-the game for salesman, based on the loyalty points. Doing the task, will increase the salesman’s benefits
-developed search engine, that makes it easier to find the perfect present for the right person and occasion
-the calendar for salesman and customers, which can be modified and will remind them about important celebrations

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Unusual online store

For us, InGift is the pure example of the abilities of PrestaShop platform. Open source and flexible software give us thousands of ideas and possibilities of showing our developer’s skills. The solutions, implemented by us, can be used also in the other projects. It will give them the originality and great start on online market. Check out InGift and its functionalitites! See online

Our work in three words:

Advanced marketplace platform