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MAVIAs online shop was designed for people who do not like run-of-the-mill and repeatable products purchased in soulless chain stores. Mavia responds to the needs of clients who appreciate unique style and quality. Their entire assortment carries a history, and the e-shop is a inimitable blend of boutique and delicatessen, in which the Internet user has to feel comfortable and friendly. We have made a unique online shop for the unique product.

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E-store image corresponding to a unique product

MAVIA is a project of one very gifted, enterprising mom, who being on maternity leave decided to follow her dreams while fulfilling the dreams of other women at the same time. MAVIAspecializes in designing and sewing beautiful, exclusive attires and selling kitchen accessories for fashionable, up-to-date people.In addition to stylish and apronesses and apromens, the assortment comprises designer tableware and sophisticated collection of coffees, teas and chocolates. Our agency faced the task of creating a store which emphasizes all the Mavias featuresI. How we did it?

Unique e-shop for special customers

Online store, except it was addressed to premium customer, it also offered a very special product - exclusive we had to cope with a double challenge. We started with the competition analysis and usability audit, performed by cognitive walkthrough method.

E-commerce as friendly boutique or delicatessen

After outlining the potential functional failures of the page and the actions of competitors, we knew what we should improve and before our eyes appeared a vision in which Mavia is a Polish benchmark in its market niche. Created ecommerce may resemble friendly boutique or deli - and that was our assumption.

prestashop agency mavia implementation products
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Design and usability in e-commerce

Based on previously collected data, we have created a customer persona, characterized by three groups of key users. Our UX and graphics departments Uproceeded to create a page map. Bearing in mind the previous graphic design, we have introduced small changes that made it easier for users to navigate in the online store and make purchases.

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Effect? Functional online store for unique products

Ecommerce has been implemented on the PrestaShop 1.6 platform in RWD version. From now it is available at any time, from any place on Earth. See online

Our work in three words

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