The new online store as a consequence of dynamic development

In 2015, Rodlew - leader of trends in the production of tombstone accessories, merged with QMD, creating a new company - Rodlew QMD. The company maintains a leading position in the market of tombstone accessories, offering a wide variety of products and modern design. Continuous development forced the company to create a new e-shop, supplemented with additional features, capabilities and dedicated modules.

logo sklepu internetowego rodlew qmd
online store b2b rodlew qmd

Research and analyze the usefulness of e-commerce

Requirements gathering workshops, carried out with the client, cleared up goals and expectations connected with the new e-shop. We also met the characteristics of this challenging industry and characteristics of customers. The next step was an in-depth analysis of the usefulness of the old version of the online store using the UsabilityTools (click tracking, mouse tracking, visitor recording). At the end we have prepared an analysis of the competition and defined the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

user experience design rodlew qmd b2b ecommerce

User experience audit

Thanks to the research of user behavior, we defined major errors on the page. For example - you could not go to the category list or to the "Shop" directly from the home page, what extended the purchasing process. On the other hand, hardly visible, undistinguished CTA "Add to Cart", was completely overlooked by users, what dramatically reduced the conversion results in an e-store.

Project, tests

On the basis of the workshops, research and analysis, we created a key customer persona and sitemap. Then we've compiled a functional mock-up of a new version of the store and graphic design. Advanced implementation of e-commerce, in addition to innovative design, consisted of the responsive version of the e-store and dedicated modules designed for Rodlew QMD. Test of the new e-shop graphic design was carried out on 11 people aged above 35 years. We wanted to see what impression has on users new edition of the service, how they cope with the new options and if the way of presenting content is comprehensible to them. Numerous remarks and comments from the test participants allowed us to draw conclusions and improve e-shop.

product card rodlew qmd b2b prestashop implementation
b2b platform with dedicated advanced creators prestashop

The functionality of ecommerce

The new project of e-store, allowed for the elimination of key issues related to usability. The innovative design has become a clear and friendly to visitors. We have also developed and implemented a responsive version of the online store. Additional functionality contributed to a significant increase in interest in products. Shop has been implemented on the PrestaShop 1.6 platform. The effect of the new online store is an increase in the value of sales by 550%.

modules for b2b ecommerce prestashop

Advanced features and dedicated modules in online store

Specific industry, for which we created an online store, demanded innovative, advanced features which would improve the purchase of tombstone accessories. Especially for Rodlew QMD we designed and implemented creators and visualizers. In the composition of these functions includes tombstone letters creator, the ability to visualize the product on a gravestone and presentation of accessories in the 3D form. See online

Our work in three words

Unique implementation of